Waterproof Vehicle Covers

  • Made with high quality cross laminated film
  • It protects your bike & car from dust, weather, snow, ice, rain, sun birds, insects and other nature elements and keeps it always in a good condition.
  • Every time you want to ride your motorcycle will be clean and tidy.
  • Flexible, therefore easy to store.
  • Suitable size available for most of the Indian Bikes and Scooters.
  • Available Colors: Blue and Silver
  • Having a waterproof cover isn’t as great as it sounds, especially when it comes to protecting your vehicle. Learn the differences between a waterproof cover, and why going with a water-resistant and breathable one is best. A 100% waterproof car cover would have to block all moisture from passing through the material at the seams, hems, vents, pockets, and anywhere else. In other words, a waterproof cover should act as an impenetrable barrier between external moisture and your vehicle. Water droplets are tiny, and can make their way into just about anything.