Tarpaulin Manufacturers in Kerala


  • We are the dealers of reliable, cost-effective & quality tarpaulin ‘SILPAULIN’ Brand .
  • The No.1 tarpaulin brand in India.
  • Colors available: Blue, Black/Silver, Natural, Olive Green
  • Thickness (GSM) available : 70,90,120,150,200 & 250.
  • International Tarpaulin Company is a Leading Exporter, Manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of Silpaulin all around in India. International tarpaulin is one of the best Tarpaulin suppliers. We are among the pre-eminent organizations, involved in supplying, wholesaling, trading Silpaulin Tarpaulins. The products are available at a resonable cost. We like to deliver only top-quality products

PVC Coated Nylon Tarpaulin

  • We are also dealing high quality PVC coated Nylon Tarpaulin.
  • PVC Coated Tarpaulin is highly acclaimed for the amazing strength, 100% water proof and long lasting features. Moreover, these tarpaulins provide high level of protection from any natural element and come in various colors, sizes and thickness.
  • Widely used for Truck covering also for Pond lining.
  • We make cost effective Biofloc Fish Tanks as per customer requirement.
  • Available in 380GSM to 760GSM
  • International Tarpaulin Company is a leading supplier of PVC coated tarpaulin in Kerala. These waterproof PVC tarpaulin sheets are made from nylon and polyester fabric coated with Polyethylene resin which makes it 100% water-proof. Our PVC coated plastic tirpal price is low and cost effective. We offer high-quality PVC coated waterproof plastic tarp manufactured from 100% virgin polymer. We provide PVC coated fabric on a variety of GSM and sizes. We also provide specialized products like Blackout fabric and Fire Retardant Tarpaulin.


  • Cross Laminated Multi Layer Tarpaulin
  • The ‘ Nex tarpaulin made as per BIS 14611-2016 standards
  • 100 % Pure Virgin material and 100% recyclable, hence eco friendly.
  • It is specially UV treated to resist radiation, and is inert to most chemicals and acids
  • It is all-weatherproof, with the ability to withstand tough climatic extremes.
  • Its light weight makes it extremely easy to handle, transport and use. Excellent tensile strength. Tear and puncture resistance help Nex ‘ withstand the impact of sharp edges and blunt objects. At the same time, its high elongation and flexibility enable it to be draped over odd shaped objects.
  • Multipurpose Tarpaulin: Servicing both agricultural and industrial markets, Nex stands for providing high quality and cost-effective solutions for protecting your crops, ponds and many other valuable goods.
  • Colors available: Blue, Black/Silver, Natural, Olive Green
  • Thickness (GSM) available : 70,90,120,150,200,250&300 GSM
  • It can be supplied in any customized sizes.
Physical Property
Characteristics UOM Test Metod
Minimum Test Value
Mass Per Unit Area GSM 7016 Part-1
35,55,60 70 120 200 300
Tensile Strength At Break MD Kg/cm2 IS : 13360
250 250 250 250 250
Tensile Strength At Break TD Kg/cm2 IS : 13360
250 200 200 200 200
Elongation At Break MD % IS : 13360
300 400 400 400 400
Elongation At Break TD % IS : 13360
250 300 300 300 300
Tear Strength ( Elemendorf ) MD Gram IS : 14611, Annex F
650 1200 2080 3200 4000
Tear Strength ( Elemendorf ) TD Gram IS : 14611, Annex F
450 900 1600 2800 3500
Free Fall Dart Impact Gram IS : 13360
100 250 400 700 800
Accelerated UV Resistance ( after 192 hrs. ) % IS : 14611 : 2016 Annex G
50% Min.